This mini handheld grater makes it easy to add flavor and joy to your meals

This mini handheld grater makes it easy to add flavor and joy to your meals

Grating ingredients is not exactly something one would consider enjoyable or even satisfying. It doesn’t require much skill compared to slicing and dicing, and the common tools for grating aren’t that fun to work with, either. Why should you have to use a large metallic weapon just to add a touch of cinnamon to a plate? They say, however, that every little thing matters, and that’s especially true for garnishes and grated ingredients. Quite appropriately, this grater is also little, small enough to securely fit in the palm of your hand, almost like a toy. And just like a toy, it is designed to add a bit of fun to your kitchen and dining life while you add a bit of cheese or lemon zest to your dish.

Designer: Gensuke Kishi for Tsuboe

Your typical graters are large pieces of metal that are often unwieldy to use except in the hands of a total pro. Sure, larger graters that tower over your plate have a place in larger kitchens, but the average use of graters at home rarely goes that far. Plus, even the most common grater is cumbersome to use, leading to hurt fingers and hurt feelings.

In stark contrast, the irogami grater is simple in all aspects that you wonder why home kitchen graters aren’t made this way, too. Instead of multiple pieces of metal bent and curved at different places, the grater is a single sheet of aluminum alloy that curls backward in one corner. The design makes it look almost like a sheet of paper, particularly a colorful sticky note or memo pad, that speaks to both its playful and serious demeanor.

That curled corner isn’t just an embellishment, though. It’s actually designed to rest snugly on your index finger so that the whole grater nests securely in the palm of your hand. Compared to those cumbersome graters that you have to hold tight at their handles, this form gives you a firmer grip. As a bonus, that curl also makes it trivial to hang the grater on rods and bars, though there’s also a hole for a hook if you prefer it that way.

Using this playful grater is like a game itself. Simply move the piece of cheese or stick of cinnamon from left to right and watch the tiny pieces fall down on your food. That’s really all there is to it! There are no holes where pieces of food get stuck and hide, making it easier to clean the grater. Of course, that also means the hand holding the grater remains clean since it’s more than enough for only one hand to get a bit dirty.

This simple yet genius grater comes in a variety of lively colors that perfectly complement its cheerful design. Sure, it might not fit the rest of your fine, silver-clad kitchen tools, but the typical monstrous and rough grater never really fit in either. More than just color and simplicity, however, this grater brings fun and life to your food, both in its preparation as well as its inevitable consumption.


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