Top 10 EDC designs that guys need to get their hands on

Top 10 EDC designs that guys need to get their hands on

EDCs are the living embodiment of “big things come in small packages”. EDCs are the kind of smart little tools that are always great to have in your backpack or tool kit. You never know when one of them could come to your rescue, helping you out of the trickiest situation, or to even pop open a bottle of beer, when you need to unwind after work.  These little superheroes can make a world of difference while completing tasks – whether big or small. And, we’ve curated the best EDC designs we’ve seen in a while! From a fully-functioning balisong-style pocket knife to a unique bottle opener inspired by Chinese architecture – these are the EDC designs you definitely need by your side.

A Balisong aka a butterfly knife is a type of folding knife that originated in the Philippines. It has penetrated into other markets, including the US, where Terrain 365 is perfecting its design for everyday use. The Balisong has the potential to be used as a threatening weapon, which means its use is illegal in certain countries. Thankfully, there is nothing so illegal about the Invictus Bali-Ti, which draws its design cues from the Invictus folder. It measures 8.125-inches when fully deployed and folds down to roughly half that size to 4.125-inches when closed.

Of course, it is not for the coarse tasks of hardcore adventure junkies and their crazy escapades. For every day quick and simple jobs, this multitool with an array of functional tools will be a go-to solution. With 15 different functional options, the Toolkey offers a great variety in an unprecedented footprint: which is also the biggest USP.

How often have you found yourself running late to work or school only to notice, you don’t have the keys on you? Struggling at the last minute, in and out of the rooms, you realize the keys were hiding deep within your pant or jacket’s pocket. This is essentially why carabiners make attractive keychains to let you hang the keys at home and carry them safely in the loop of your plants.

It’s roughly the same size and shape as a Chiclet and even comes with a lanyard hole that lets you string the gaming console to your keychain, making it the world’s first gaming console that also doubles as EDC.

At just 41 grams (0.09 lbs), the Romeo is ridiculously lightweight and boasts of a profile that’s volumes slimmer than most knives. However, its slick profile and lightweight design don’t make it less of a knife, no, my good sir. Romeo’s handle is fabricated from durable carbon fiber, and its Tanto-style blade forged from M390 “Super Steel” blade goes above and beyond to resist wear and tear, even with regular, rough use.

Each Jurassic Croc is small enough to fit in your palm, weighing a mere couple of grams and measuring 3.2 inches x 1.5 inches in size. The croc comes outfitted with a DeWalt America #2 Phillips head bit located in its ‘cheek’, held in place by 2 O rings that can be removed and used too. You can slide the croc right into your pants, or secure it around your bag or belt using the lanyard provided. Each croc is rated TSA-safe, and is designed to last a lifetime… like those fossils from millions of years ago!

The design is inspired by window grill patterns, specifically those from classic Chinese architecture. There are three shapes featured: one hexagonal, one rectangular, and one with a semi-circular design. All of them have these patterns that may remind you of windows in old houses if you live in such a place influenced by this kind of architecture. While there are no handles to grip while opening a bottle, the grill design can help you with the grip problem.

This is the A10 Holster Backplate with Dango MT05 to add tactical functions to your lifestyle. The EDC can be hooked onto the A10 Chassis. The accessory is made for individuals who love the modular A10 Adapt Series wallet – virtually turning anyone of them into a technical tool.

The 18-function multi-tool is designed keeping in mind the most unpredictable emergency situations. That’s why it has got heat-treated stainless steel making that’s high in carbon content. Some of the functions included here are a seat belt cutter, 2 paracord tensioners, an O2 oxygen wrench, a bottle opener, a hammerhead, and a chisel.

The knife, which measures a mere 4.3 inches (110mm) when closed, comes with a carabiner clip on one end, and a tungsten carbide glass breaker on the other end. Open it out, and the now 6.2-inch-long knife reveals its TAJIMA V-REX II blade on the inside, perfect for opening boxes, slicing envelopes, or doing more rogue cyberpunk-worthy stuff like slicing wires and cutting seatbelts.

There’s a tent stake puller for packing and getting the gear ready after setting camp during the nighttime. This is a very useful tool for campers as they can pack up tents in a way quicker time than normal. So, in a way, this utility is the USP of this multitool without any question. Add to the mix a ruler and pop-out tweezers, and you’ve got an all-purpose multitool convenient enough to carry with you all the time.


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